Our story starts in 1962

Welcome to Zenner, where perfect hair accessories come together with a rich history of innovation and style. It all started in 1962, when Rudolf Zenner decided that hair pins deserved more than a hidden spot behind the counter. He introduced the revolutionary rack jobbing concept in Germany, transforming the hairpin from a functional item to a fashionable accessory.

International expansion

In 1978, Paul Keers successfully brought this concept to the Netherlands, before Marcel van Rijn took over in 1987 and expanded the Zenner adventure across Europe. He led the company, together with the Zenner team, to international expansion in Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Suriname, Curaçao, Latvia, Lithuania, and exports to Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.

An eye for trends

Zenner grew into an internationally recognised brand with a brand awareness of over 95%. Whether in drugstores, online, on TV or in magazines, Zenner hair accessories are everywhere. Satisfied we certainly are, but we never stand still. With an eye for the latest trends and developments, we always see opportunities and possibilities.

Partnering with Dayes

On 22 December 2021, Zenner Beauty Accessories and Dayes entered into a strategic partnership to leverage each other's expertise and realise joint European growth ambitions. Zenner always remains on the move, keeping up with consumer needs and differentiating in a vibrant market.

Never waste a good hair day

At Zenner, we believe that good hair equals feeling good. Our wide range of top-quality hair and beauty accessories is designed for all ages, hair types and times of day. We are the only real hair fashion brand in the Netherlands, and we are proud of it. Our dedicated team works enthusiastically every day to maintain this position and exceed our customers' expectations.

Our mission

Our mission? To empower you to feel beautiful and confident in every version of yourself. We do this by developing functional and fashionable products. We make hair and beauty products that are accessible to everyone, because we believe everyone deserves to feel great.

Inclusivity and innovation

Zenner is not just about hair accessories; it is about embracing beauty, inclusiveness and innovation. We have a wealth of knowledge about materials and production techniques, strive for authenticity in everything we do, have an eye for beauty in every detail, welcome diversity and are driven to keep innovating.

Discover, feel beautiful and celebrate your unique style with Zenner! We empower your beauty