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Are you ready for a new look? Looking for a hairbrush that suits your hair type perfectly? Here you will find everything you need to bring out the best in yourself. With our tutorials and tips you will never have a bad hair day again!

DUOO brush: Two detangling brushes in one

We love the DUOO Brush: because with this brush you can detangle dry as well as wet hair in no time.

Sustainable hair accessories

Sustainability is important. Make an impact with the hair accessories from our Green collection!

Stay-in-hair collectie

Are you already familiar with our stay-in-hair collection? These innovative hair accessories no longer constantly slip out of your hair during exercise or a day at work.

Summer tips from Lisa-Maria

Lisa-Maria is an all-round beauty and hairstylist. In this article, she gives summer tips for a summer-fresh hairstyle!

The hair accessories trends of summer 2024

In 2023, we were briefly back in the 90s and we see the same in the trends for summer 2024!

The hair accessories trends of winter 2023-2024

Let your hair shine with the hair accessories trends for winter 2023-2024!