The hair accessories trends of summer 2024

For a while in summer 2023, it seemed like we were back in the 90s: claw clips in the wildest colours, chunky hair bands and scrunchies galore. And this nostalgic trend will continue for a while into 2024. We have listed the three latest trends for summer 2024 for you.

Summer trends

Zigzag hair bands

We saw it back in 2023, but the hair tie is here to stay. Of course, it's also the ideal way to give your hair that little bit extra and it instantly keeps those locks out of your eyes. Practical and stylish, who wouldn't be happy with that? And now comes another standout: the zigzag hair tie. Yes indeed, like the ones we saw in the 90s. This hairband makes it very easy to create a super sleek and stylish look.

Pearls, pearls, pearls

We may shine again this year, as pearls and jewellery are totally hip this year. It is all part of the new elegance wind blowing through fashion land. So think dainty hair bands with pearls, sliders with subtle stones or hair clips buried in pearls. With these accessories, you bring a little glitter & glamour to any hairstyle.

Strikes of all sizes

Bows and ribbons remain popular, whether in your hair or on your clothes. Graceful ribbons through your braid, a big bow in your ponytail or clips with small bows: these romantic accessories are an easy way to add a soft and feminine touch to your hairdo or outfit. Totally hip are oversized bows or lots of clips with small bows: the more bows, the better!

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