Stay-in-hair collection

Are you already familiar with our stay-in-hair collection? You probably know the feeling: you've just spent hours working on your hairdo, only for it to fall out again after a breath of wind. We understand this frustration all too well and therefore have the perfect solution for you: our stay-in-hair collection! These innovative hair accessories no longer constantly slip out of your hair during exercise or work. Meet our stay-in-hair hair clips, elastics, scrunchies and more!

No more saggy hairstyles

All products in the Stay-in-Hair collection contain rubber on the inside, so the hair accessories cannot slip out of your hair. The product line includes various products such as, hair clips, hair elastics (in different colours), hair bands and, of course, the trendy scrunchie cannot be missing from this list.

Scrunchies that stay on

Scrunchies can no longer be left out of the street scene and with this 'scrunchie 2.0', you have the perfect variant to sport. Our Stay-in-Hair scrunchie features a  rubber layer, which provides extra grip. This keeps your hair in place during your run, home workout or yoga session. Have you finished exercising? Then it looks great around your arm as an accessory too!

Hair clips with grip

The versatile hair clip is right back on trend. But do you have smooth hair, making clips slip out of your hairstyle quickly? Then you could use a hair clip with extra grip, like our stay-in-hair clips. The teeth of the clip have a thin layer of rubber that does not show when you wear it. We have the perfect clip for every hair type in terms of size or colour.

No more worries about sagging hairstyles with the stay-in-hair collection!

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